As a retired secondary high school teacher,
 I now have the time to indulge my artistic pursuits whether on fabric or paper but also in the ever-changing landscape of our ¾ acre property.  I can now go where my students went, in all directions and whenever/wherever I wish, basically just following my muse.

Art can sometimes be an examination of the truth but at the same time also a catharsis.  When this happens, discovering how to represent and exorcise the thoughts from one’s past is truly an argumentative conversation between me and myself.  Discovering a piece of fabric and letting it dictate my direction can be both exhilarating & somewhat freeing but can also open up a conversation that is not necessarily comfortable or easily concluded.  Discovering the path is not always an easy process but when the ‘eureka’ moment arrives, it is amazingly uplifting.

Almost exclusively I allow, nay require, society’s discards become my materials.  They have permission to fuel my imagination & influence me. By exploring new & unlikely possibilities, I enrich my life.  And hopefully yours too.

Images on this site represent only some of what I create & offer for sale.  Most are unique and vary in size such that assigning prices is not an easy task.  Pricing by size seems to be the most efficient & equitable way of doing this.  Should you find something of interest, I encourage you to use the Contact-Email form to inquire.  I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

My studio is open all year; however, it’s best to contact me to be sure.  You can also see some of my work at Fibre Fling, an annual art & craft show held at Kitchissippi United Church in Ottawa on the first Friday/Saturday of April.  Other venues may be confirmed.

Workshops are scheduled on a ‘demand’ basis.  My home studio can accommodate no more than 6 participants at a time so class sizes are small particularly if they must be indoors.  I am open to even smaller numbers.  Please ask.