Images are available
as prints on paper or fabric via a commercial printing house or can be licensed for other uses.  I have many images not displayed here so if you have a particular type of photo in mind or wish to have one rendered in an abstract fashion, please ask.  Prices vary so inquiries are necessary.

Baffin Bay

Batu Cave Fire

Boulders Penguins 2

Camel Teeth

Cape Penninsula Shoreline

Copacetic Companions

Daffodil 1

Doggie in the Window

Either Way

Kiss For Food

Iceberg Blues

Icelandic Steam 1

Lines Curves and Reflections

Monkey Stare

No Mail Today

One Point Perspective

Singapore Night 3

Tulip 1

Taj Mahal Reflections

Baffin Bay Icebergs

Balancing Act

Barred Window

Capetown Waterfront

Didima Window

Drakensburg Mist

Door and Metal

Four Quadrant With Standpipe

Good Boy

Hippo Waters

Hand Arising

Hydrant and Cone

Man and Monkey

Metal Grate 1

Pattern Study

Sumac on River

Spindle Leaves

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