Outside Canada

Akademik Ioffe Flages

Barred Window

Batu Cave 2

Batu Cave Stairs

Beached In Iceland

Camel Teeth

Cape Penninsula 1

Cape Penninsula Shoreline

Capetown Carousel

Cell Phone Talk

Chew Jetty

Copacetic Companions

Didima Window

Durban South Africa

Fish in Window

Four Quadrant With Standpipe

Grate and Vent


Hydrant and Cone

Icelandic Steam 1

Kirstenbosch Mambo 1

Metal Grate 1

Mechants of Marvel

Monday is Washday 1

Monday is Washday 3

Monday is Washday 5

Monkey and Orange

Monkey Stare

Monkey Pensive

Obsolescence 1

Number Fourteen

Painted Towers

Rino Art


Singapore Hotels

Singapore Night 1

Singapore Night 3

Singapore Night 5

Singapore Night 7

Steamer Trunks 1

Sugar Cane to Go

Sushi Anyone


Truck Grunge

Under the Weather

Uummannaq Harbour Growler

Vase in Window

Village Chalk

Y2K Services

Zulu Campfire

Zulu Call

Balancing Act

Batu Cave 1

Batu Cave Fire

Beaded Animals

Beds to Go

Boulders Penguins 1

Boulders Penguins 2

Cape Penninsula 2

Capetown Waterfront

Ceramic Roof Corner 1

Corner Store



Drakensburg Mist

Flowers in Window

Geothemal Rock 1

Hippo Waters

Four Quadrants

Horse and Buggy

Jail Door

Kirstenbosch Mambo 2

Icelandic Steam 2

Machine Driver

Metal Grate 2

Market Seller

Monday is Washday 2

Monday is Washday 4

Nelson Mandela

Monkey Beard

Monkey Drool

Monkey and Child

Obsolescence 2

Public Privy

Seal Sunbath


Stormwater Conduit

Singapore Lotus

Singapore Night 2

Singapore Night 4

Singapore Night 6

Soweto Tour Bus

Steamer Trunks 2

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Reflections

Top Heavy

Uummannaq Sceam

Wheel and Pipe

Which way

Window Washer

Window and Handlebars

Zulu Smile

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