This is essentially a direct contact printing method whereby plant pigments are transferred to paper or fabric whilst being steamed.  Results prove to be not only unique but often surprise with unexpected design/imagery/colour.  Results will also vary due to changing seasons, water pH, processing times, mordant, even fibre type to name just a few. This is not a technique/workshop for those who value perfectionism & predictability; otherwise it is an exciting & fun-filled pursuit.  The process involves locally foraged, eastern Ontario plant material (some weeds work well!) and no toxic chemicals.  Fabric prints are most amenable to embellishment with hand embroidery, stamping, piecework, quilting, etc.  They are easily incorporated into part of a larger project such as an art quilt, table cloth, or clothing.  Print or fabric prices are calculated based on size.  What you see here is just a sampling of what is available.  For prints as well as workshops please contact me via the ‘Contact-Email form’

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